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Ken Go - He was born on March 23, 1975 and started his love affair with photography during his high school days in Xavier School. There, he learned the basics of taking photos then developing and printing them in the school's dark room.

As a college student at the University of Guam, Ken continued further studies in photography by taking classes on the subject and learning more dark room techniques while completing his degree in Business Management. After returning to Manila, photography has taken a back seat to his work and other obligations, but the passion persisted and he had to give in. He then finally decided to pursue a career in photography at the start of 2003 and has never looked back since.

Ken specializes in commercial photography. His works are regularly seen in BILLBOARDS, STORE WALLS & DISPLAY, CATALOGS, BROCHURES, GLOSSY MAGAZINES and MAJOR NEWSPAPERS.

As one of the earlier photographers who embraced digital photography, Ken's equipment are now all-digital. He believes in the convenience and excellent image quality of current digital cameras that make them great alternatives to film. Digital cameras had also made his job so much easier since previews can be seen right away and models tend to relax more when shown initial shots, making it simpler for them to understand the concepts of the shoot. Instant previews make everyone, from the models and art directors to the make up artists, stylists and others, feel more involved in the whole project and facilitate wonderful interaction between everybody. Ken's sense of humor also comes in handy when making models and clients feel at ease thus making the whole shoot experience a fun and rewarding one.

Ken loves to share his knowledge about photography, this enthusiasm of his led him to go in to teaching. He was part of the faculty of Xavier School, teaching photography to High School students. He also gets invited by top corporations and organizations to conduct photography seminars for their members and employees. He also regularly conducts a photography lighting seminar in his studio. To learn more about his seminars, feel free to visit:

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